Thursday, July 25, 2013

+1 Mace of Glowing

I played Clerics.

Loved em. Just something liberating about being party healer back in the day. Didn't have to worry about mastering spells, I just got them. Didn't have to worry about getting the best magic items, didn't always need them. Didn't worry about picking locks or picking pockets. Didn't have the skills.

I call it Dungeon tourism. Sure being a Cleric turned me into the party healbot pre 3.X days, and I always go the last pick on magic items. But in the end I got to see the cool things, did most the talking to NPCs, and still was thanked for my support. The only time I had to step up was when some undead were causing issues and I dropped a mighty turn or three.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed exploring the different types of gods and how they related to people. Being a priest was interesting. But as time went on I had favorites. Typically Sun Gods, or gods of healing and family. I enjoyed the Van Helsing warrior for good idea that was at the core of the Cleric, even though I didn't know that was hard coded in early on. Mind you, I would have rather played the Van Helsing from the Hugh Jackman move over the one from the books.

I've experimented with Paladins, but somehow mine always come out seeming like Brock Samson from Venture Brothers. In the last game I played a Paladin, it was described that my character had a "Murder boner" vs evil. True enough. Playing the intimidating loose cop Paladin had it's fun values but sometimes I wonder how long he would be considered Lawful Good, stupid alignment system. (I kid.)

So what's up with the title of the entry? Well, back when I was playing my Cleric the most important magic item I ever got was a +1 Mace that glowed. That's it, no armor, no shields, nothing but that mace and being the party potion carry. It wasn't until later when we switched GMs and the game turned into a full on Monty Haul magic item prize bonanza did I get more, but back then that mace was important to my cleric. It replaced my need for torch, holy symbol, and weapon. It was always at my side, and after a while I grew fond of it. I still miss it to this day. It didn't have the swagger of a full on magic sword, but my lump of magical steel was near and dear to my gaming heart.

The more that I think about it, that magical mace is/was my signature item. My green lightsaber. My demonsword. My sonic screw driver. My humble Mj√∂lnir. It was part of my character.

So that's what it feels like...