Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dungeon Hearts aka Dating Sims and Dragon Girls!

I don't know about you, but I love me some jrpgs. And in recent years there has been a drive for what I dub dating-sim RPG. Take one part dungeon crawler adventure, one part Love Plus get the girl simulator a mix. You might have heard of one of these: Persona 3, maybe 4? Ya. Totally a RPG with dating elements in it.

Mind you I'm remember when Thousand Arms was a thing. Sure you were a magical smith trying to live up to your family's legacy, but you were also a magical hammer wielding playa.

Anyrate, what I'm getting at is games like Dungeon World and Monster Hearts are dancing around using the same raw mechanics and not quite capitalizing on this opportunity to go to town on a massive cross over mechanic. I dub the seed of this idea: Dungeon Hearts! Be it a guy trying to get the girls (fellow adventures, local town ladies, or the monster girls in the dungeon itself) or hell go the reverse with the male harem anime tropes. Either way, the point is to have massive fun while playing up the wondering adventure trying to get the girl/guy who warms your heart. What this mechanically means is hybrid characters with Dungeon World style exploration fronts mixed in with downtime Monster Hearts romance plots. It's gonna be rocking! Then again, I might slim down both mechanics so players don't have to memorize two full sets of moves, either that or some moves have double meanings. Ah well, it's a concept in the rough. But honestly, I'd love to play a lonely Dragoon trying to woo the Princess in another castle. It would be fun to play!