Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Enter the Labyrinth

Welcome to the madness. I mean to say welcome to my gaming blog where I talk about my 20? Ya we'll go with 20 some odd years of gaming. So asks the mysterious person I imagine reading this says. Why should I read YOUR blog when I have dozen of far better written and more gronardtastic (is that a word?) blogs to read? That's a really good question I say to Mr. Or Ms. Imaginary reader. Why don't I talk a little bit about myself?

I'm Joe obviously (or not), and I've been playing since the early 80's. I started out as most gamers with a nice healthy dose of AD&D 1E and then spent 2-3 years homebrewing my own game systems. No honestly, it was me and 2 friends just bsing our own rules. Then I discovered my first love in gaming: TMNT and Other Strangeness. Yes, yes, I bought with my own money a Pallidium RPG and it was glorious. You see I was something of an avid comicbook reader and I read the original Eastman and Laird Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and seeing a RPG based on it was too much for my little fan boy heart! <3 (I wonder if it was an entry drug into Furry Fandom, oh yes I was into that scene. What, it was a MUCK I was a consenting platypus, she was I think a cross between a hippo and feline. It's all rather muddy.)

So years fly by as I bury my nose into Ninjas and Superspies, Heroes Unlmited and many other Pallidium products. Not I didn't say RIFTS, not the great MDC stew didn't hit me until I nerdy adolescence in gaming. I call this my Cyberpunk 2020 era. I chromed up and dove headfirst into countless AD&D 2E games. What, it was what everyone was playing. But the early 90's were a heady time full of Earthdawn, Shadowrun, Mekton Zeta, and finally the thing called RIFTS and it was awesome. Many a weekend was spent worrying about cover and range modifiers. Calculating the real world conversions of guns into fantasy numbers. It was during this era I got a taste of Planescape and Dark Sun and...well, I think my finally got my first not quite a gronard beard growing. That or I thought mullets were cool. We all have those horrible fashion trends hit us. Mine was bolo ties. Lovely things, Great for doubling as a useless garrote.

Then in the late 90's I was doing the college thing and I found my 2nd great love in gaming. She was a sexy third edition full of awesome sourcebooks and universal appeal. Yes, I was one of the hipsters of the gaming scene, I was into GURPS. I loved GURPS and still do, To this day the decade of generic system playing has made me love any game system that attempts, flirts, or even pathetically tries to call itself generic gets a look from me. Even the mongrel thing that d20 is. This goes on well into the early 2000's when I stumble into the depths of WhiteWolf and the WOD. Again, everyone was playing it. But me, no I happened to enjoy the weird stuff. I was a fan of Wraith, Trinity, and eventually Aberrant. I think all my years of playing low powered supers in GURPS, my avid comic and 80's cartoon love finally awakened my taste for supers roleplaying. And it was good.

A few things happened in the 2000's.

I found Exalted, my brain was blown.

I got "into" D&D with 3rd Edition.

And after a while I started podcasting.

Ya. I podcast. Or use to, well I do again but we're talking about then. I got in with the d20 radio crowd in the late? Ya late 2000's and started podcasting a show called:


Sound impressive? For me it was. I got to interview Steve Kenson, Steve Long, Robin D. Laws, David Pulver, Cam Banks, Greg Stolze, and Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch among others. And man was that fun. Most of these folks are really awesome gamers and just bleed cool ideas. Even at the time of my 30 or so casts I was focusing on just supers.

But what do they say? Life catches up with you. In my case I got married, had a beautiful baby daughter, found out a lot more about myself...and kinda crashed. Hard.

But now I'm back, leaner and meaner and podcasting again! Ya, this time I'm doing an Exalted podcast. Voice of the Chosen Exalted Fancast!

So why "Love the Labyrinth"? Well for me, gaming has always been about puzzles and challenges. Be it a strange plot, a great monster, or just something new around each corner. I been down dungeons, danced around OSR to New School story games. I love them all. I mean, I know I'm a little fruity but I'm not dancing around in tight pants juggling balls and asking people if they remind me of the babe...yet.