Monday, July 29, 2013

Mentat Octane Burning Bright

Time to take the choke off, and let the mind wheels spin at full power. Here let me set the mood:

So what am I talking about? Why the coolest game idea ever. Or lat least the coolest THIS week. I have a lot of cool ideas that don't get past this stage. But why don't we take a spin with this one okay?


In the swirl of the multiverse there are countless universes where people with super powers appear. Powerful mentats, amazing physical champions, dark crusaders, and mistresses of the martial arts. The stories change the end result is the same. A planet full of super people...with no one to save. Or more accurately no "MORE" people to save. They cleaned up the messes, locked away the super villains and then asked...then what? Some turned their powers to colonization, expansion of the sciences, or just went into retirement. But some...some wondered. Is there others out there that need help? Other versions of us that didn't have the luck of supers, or it turned out all wrong? So they gathered their greatest minds and tore open gateways to worlds where things didn't go quite so well. And they set out to war...a war to reshape the multiverse!

Welcome to World Rescue Squad, the stylish heroes from another world. Each of them has a unique origin and power type. Each of them is a product that they sell to the client worlds. Each of them is out to prove that THEY can save this world when their forebears did so on their own. It's a weird mix of competition sport, holy crusade, and  PR campaign. After all, the WRS's way is the best way to save everyone. Solve hunger, cure disease, and make everyone happy...right? So what if the client worlds don't always agree.

If I was to run this I would have random origin roll ups. What kind of world did you come from: Founder World, Client Nation, Fallen World, powered local. How did the WRS recruit you from friendly to 'creative guidance". It would flavor if you were for or against them. It would also allow for backgrounds of backing, mentor, etc. Hell, if the players wanted too we could roll up random power sets. Magic, mutation, etc and let them flesh it out from there.

The point would be the client worlds didn't ASK the WRS to come in to save them...but in the WRS eyes they are hopelessly behind the times. It could be a friendly guidance, hard loving conversion, selling the WRS ideas to the "People", or a covert restructuring. Bad Guys, be they governments or super villains are taken down, lives are saved, and WRS looks great!

Flashy costumes, theme music, all the works.

And yet it would be one of the most distopian supers games I would run.

Love it. Wonder if I'll ever get to run it. Such is my lot. Too many cool ideas, never enough time to run them all.