Thursday, July 25, 2013

With Extreme Prejudice

The Following Post Contains Descriptions of Gruesome NPC Death, Be Advised

Players can get a little crazy, myself included. Well, with super powers and magic at our disposal it allows for some creative and over the top ways to dispatch an NPC bad guy in our games. What I'm about to list is some of the more extreme, impossible, and absolutely painful ways our group came up with to dispatch a foe. These examples are from over years of play in various systems:

  • Utilizing Time Magic in GURPS, the group caused a Time Stop bubble around themselves and unloaded 3 muskets into the direction of their target. They kept this up for well over 50 minutes thanks to Purify Air spells and a power stone. When the time bubble was dropped the NPC was turned into a fine red mist, the back wall of he office he was in exploded outward, the shock wave downing trees and causing a smoke plume for over half a mile. Oh, and when this happened 2 sword masters were in the middle of chopping the NPC's head off with fancy sword work. They survived (not in the line of fire) but were KOed from the shock wave.
  • My "Mr. Head Popper". A extreme case of over powered TK he had roughly 4 tons of force at his command. He would grab a foe by their shoulders and then head and TWIST with full force. Needless to day a lot of NPCs started running when people dying like they were in an Akira movie.
  • Self Guided satchel charges that would find a target and hug them and explode. One alone is unnerving. A dozen of them flying in formation bombing a foe's armored position was horrific.
  • One player running around with super strength and stainless steel ball bearings. He could throw them with such speed the acted like massive slug rounds from a high caliber gun.
  • Another player using TK again to spin knives as ultra sonic speeds and bouncing them around a battlefield in a very KRULL fashion turning foes into so much sliced meat.
  • A space time warper using a small 'hole' in space to target people miles away with a high caliber rifle. Literally the sniper you could never see coming.
  • My teleporter who if he could touch you, drop the person into high earth orbit. A terrifying way to deal with assassins and mooks. He would look up and POP, look a new star!
  • One super player having a freak out, grabbing a sniper, using him as a silencer for the very rail gun the sniper was using (inserted painfully), and then firing the resulting sniper + rail gun at his allies. (Needless to say the PC was having a bad day.)
  • Super speedster grabbing someone running them up to MACH 2 and then letting go into an telephone poll.
  • A shape shifting Lunar Warrior in an Exalted game hopping from head to head of a group of bandits killing them from the force of his Mario on crack.
  • Barbarian Warrior throwing ANCHORS at people. Which were small tokens previously attached to his jacket.
  • Pumping about a tanker full of LSD and PCP in an aerosol form into a dance club full of corporate goons. (Don't mess with a CyberGeneration Alchemist.)
  • Melting their hands through the chest of a full conversion borg to yank out his brain case thanks to your nanites. (Again, don't mess with a CyberGeneration Alchemist.)
The list goes on. But my point and warning to new GMs out there. Players with power get creative. It's not just portable holes in bags of holding, or breaking a Staff of the Magi that seems like impressive alpha strikes in games. Oh...there are so many worse things out there.

I'm sure other GMs have similar horror stories.

Lots more.