Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You are my type of scum!

One of the biggest draws for players of games like say, Star Wars Edge Of The Empire, is the ability to find like minded criminals. Not all characters are sociopaths, but a who lot of them are seriously borderline. When I got into roleplaying, Palladium games TMNT was my game of choice and it was fantastic. However the game did lend itself to a lot of back ally brawls, crazy gun fights, and seriously less than legal ways to acquire what the mutants needed.

The SOP, standard operating procedure, was to break in steal what was needed, and duct tape NPCs we captured or KOed in positions inspired by the movie "Men At Work". And as time went on and I met the type of players who I now dub the Magical Engineering Commandos, some of this juvenile play still sneaks out in games.

Let me tell you about my Pathfinder group. You see, if you ignore the Gnomish riff on Tony Stark and his Summoned power armor, the kitsune witch, deranged barbarian pirate, and the bard who will bang anything with breasts (Something we tease him to this day about.) , and the sniper assassin you'll discover they all have something in common. THEY HATE FRONT DOORS. They call it the "Crisis Entry". They've...well lets list it out:
  • Entered into a Dungeon via the backdoor and fought the final boss FIRST then spent 2 sessions clearing the place out.
  • RAN through traps to get the drop on a mastermind sitting at his drawing table in what I dub the final boss beat down. He didn't even get to stand up. The group alpha striked him so hard.
  • Developed a magic item to Pass Wall just SO they can avoid going in expected entrances.
  • Flew a fully loaded cart to the roof of a castle just to AIR RAID the place and bypassed 50% of the guards to take out more ciritical baddies.
  • Did another AIR RAID style attack on a guild chapter house, and blew a hole in the roof so they could surprise the guards. (And one wizard they geeked in 1 round of combat.)
Ya. Ya. They are not nice to a GM who likes his maps and well planned traps. This is because they love Breaking and Entering. It's their thing. Dungeons, castles, keeps, it doesn't matter. They are basically the team from PayDay The Heist in D&D terms. Scum by any other name. Nice scum, but boy do they cheat!

And that's what D&D use to be about. That critical non-linear dungeon bypass (TV TROPES alert).

That's my kinda players. Screw my rules, we're doing it OUR WAY.