Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Flavor Of Madness

So you want a scary horror game eh? You think running from Squid Monsters with Wings is scary?

Well, let me say this much. Just how man schlock movies have you watched? Do you remember late night 1950's Atomic Monster flicks? Did you digest the weirdness of H. R. Geiger? What about the esoteric weirdness of trippy 60's psyche out flicks?

Well, I've digested a LOT of horror over the years. Still love Ken Hite's "Nightmares Of Mine" from back in my Rolemaster days. Great book published by ICE. Almost impossible to find these days. GURPS Horror is about as close as you'll get.

Mind you a lot of his horror also got invaded by the various manga and anime, and just a few drops of 80's cartoon logic.

So what does that create?

Cyborg Zombies Being Controlled by Magical Brain Bugs


Let me tell you about my Pathfinder Mythic game I ran not long ago.

The group was running around in Osrian, the psudo-Egypt of Pathfinder's main universe. They were trying to locate a lost temple for a client that found a map but lacked the skill to plunder the tomb. Offering the PC's a lions share of the take they agreed.

Over the adventure they discover:

A vast underground air tunnel/sewer drain system for the dungeon filled with fungal growths that give you psychotic visions and then slowly turn the host into a deranged fungi monster that spreads the spores. (ran this before Last Of Us was out, and fully detailed)

A massive underground Pyramid structure with high energy magic systems that overloaded the PC's mind with arcane information jumbling their spells.

A factor full of clockwork machines that feed dead bodies via conveyor belt through a gruesome process of dissection, and rebuilding to turn them into clockwork reanimated flesh. Oh, they discover this when the clockwork workers of the facility kill and mount one of their PC allies on the machine and they watch him be processed!

A room where the new clockwork zombies heads are filled with larval bugs that eat the dead brains gaining the knowledge of the host and very faint memories of their past life.

Then an auction that has been in process for over a thousand years for a fresh (ha!) minted unit of ready clockwork zombie bug soldiers. They bid and won.

An arena where local animals, monsters, etc are fought against the zombies to prove the usefulness of the soldiers. And where they were willing to show you just how nasty the augmented bodies can be.

The 'parts' pile where unused gear, limbs, and assorted attachments that didn't pass the inspection process.

An 'enhancement' room where the zombies are customized for their masters whims.

Oh and they got to experience the second half the adventure with the zombie remains of their friend walked with them as one of their undead servants where one of the PCs held a control rod.

And then as they escaped the giant underground complex they were chased by a massive steampowered mechanical Sphinx that had launched platforms, flying drones (and unfortunately named drawings of one "Helicocktur", story for later.) And alchemical siege weapons.

That for me is Madness. Pure gaming bonkers...but damn if it wasn't fun!

Did I mention that game killed 2 PCs?