Monday, October 14, 2013

Games I Play, Games I Collect.

So, how about a bit more about what Joe's doing these days? I'm an avid gamer and I love all sorts of games. I can give you a guided tour of my TMNT, Cyberpunk days later, but lets talk about the here and now. I buy a lot of games, sure more pdfs today, but in the end either via tablet or print I have a lot of material to play with. (Note, I've been migrating what I can to pdfs, but some stuff I want print material...just because it's hard to share a tablet mid game. And I don't like lending my peeve.)



Pathfinder -

I've actually GMing Jade Regent of late. Been running that adventure path around a year or so. A lot of the exploits of my "CRISIS ENTRY" style players comes from this game. They just LOVE entering dungeons backwards, or from the side, or they just knock down walls. I enjoy running this game but run into the typical high level Pathfinder system issues of rocket tag, and keeping various saves etc up to date on characters. Combat can get crazy when you have 4+ buffs going on timers and various status effects in play. My advice. 3X5 cards with the spell buffs so the players cna keep at tally on what's on the 'field' so to speak.

For me Pathfinder is a continuation of what I liked about 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons. I was enjoying the game at it's height of Eberon, Psionics, and all the bells and whistles turned on. I really didn't even LOOK at Pathfinder until I heard about the Advanced Players Guide with the new classes. It was around then that it looked tempting and boy was I happy I did pick it up. I understand the mechanics, warts and all, and can make the most of the setting they give us.

I most look forward to new classes with the Advanced Class Guide and the upcoming adventure path Iron Gods. Because honestly I was MADE for a game inspired by Thundarr The Barbarian. It's my thing you see.

Deathwatch -

Not really MY kinda game. But I like the players and it's about the only time I get to see this group of friends. The game itself is fine, but the 40K universe gives me the willies sometimes. Then again I get to play a mean Iron Hands Tech Marine who walks around shutting down NPCs asking obnoxious questions. "So, will you tell me what's going on here?" Me: "NO." Then I watch the GM chuckle and the NPC get flustered as they try to get information out of the rest of the party. They are more than happy to have my guy act like the bore so they can do their usual barge in and ask questions later style.

Mechanically the game is functional, but I prefer OTHER FFG products which I'll get too.


Stars Without Number -

There is just something about SWN. The right blend of OSR and Traveller. It's easy to use and it's sandbox mechanics do a decent job of running a society sim. I'd love to see a program that allowed for societies to be rolled up and to give them a 'rough' AI based on their ideology just to see what happens as the timetable plays out. The rules for combat are OSR brutal, but the mystery is there. It is basically a near perfect deep space sandbox sim and I wish there were more games like that these days.


My big go-to. Or it use to be. I use to play SO MUCH GURPS. Back in 3E my goal was to have ALL THE BOOKS, and I nearly did. But 4E came along and I slowly dropped everything and picked up the new rules. This thought me 2 very important lessons. You often do NOT need every book in a game line to enjoy the game. The core rules are what matters, and just ow flexible they are in play. And...getting rid of the old for the new isn't always the best option. You see, while I HAD all the 4E books I haven't used them in close to a decade. That's bewildering. But my 3E books, I could play them blind. I had internalized the rules so much. 4E is similar but different enough to throw me off in places. Lack of use with the big G is saddening.

Legend of the Five Rings -

4E is SO pretty. And it was my first power isn't everything game. It told me social mechanics are not a bad word and living forever in character terms is meaningless if you can die well. So, I still pick up the books slowly. Once 4E ends I'm not bothering with 5E. I'm going to own an edition and be done.

Mutants and Masterminds 3E -

Just in case I start playing supers games again. If anyone remember my Meanwhile podcast you'll understand how profound that statement is. I LOVE supers but I don't need to play them all the time. I use to have a LOT of the 5E Hero System books and 6E all but killed my interest. I picked up Champions Complete and called it a day. 3e M&M is light weight enough to play with that I can bend it to my will. Even though I dislike the d20 mechanics and M&M's stun lock death spiral combat.

I have more than this, but I'm not dedicated to them. Mostly pdfs and such these days.

I might add Exalted 3E to that list of must haves. But we'll talk about that...