Friday, August 1, 2014

#RPGaday: First Played

So why not? I'll participate in David Chapman's #RPGaDay event. I'll do this in short form next to my usual posts. It will be a good way to oil the mental gears a bit.

My first RPG was either a home brew mess or AD&D 1E using the Tomb of Horrors. Why can I not tell, well, it's been a while and both events happened pretty close to one another.

The homebrew was a modern day, you fall into fantasy land and picks up magic items monthy hall fest filled with caravan ambushes and other weirdness.

Now for my AD&D 1E game I have more details:

It was around 1985 and I was 9. I had my friends Jason and Joey over at my house. They were friends from the Gifted Student Program and we wanted to play a game. Jason had some books from AD&D 1E and we rolled up characters. By then I was BIG into Claremont's X-men run. (I started reading Spiderman at age 4 in Japan.) So I named my fighter Havok and my Wizard Polaris. (Ya, ya.) And I can remember it was the Tomb of Horrors because of the stupid instant kill statues. Seriously Gygax, wtf?!!

The session lasted for all of a weekend but by the end of it I was hooked. This would lead to my later attempts of Gamemastering and a sweet purchase later in the year. But that's for the next few days posts.