Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Exalted 3E: Lifepathing your character.

Ever play Cyberpunk 2020? It is a very, very 80-90's rpg that was at the time a rival to Shadowrun but without any magic. Give it a look:

Drivethrurpg PDF of Cyberpunk 2020

But what I want you to focus on was perhaps the best feature of the game. Lifepaths. It's why I call my idea for Exalted setting GMing, Storypathing. Lifepaths were a quick and dirty way to roll up a background for your character. It helped put a skeleton to the flesh of your backstory and gave you an idea the kind of person your "Edgerunner" (Cyberpunk 2020 character name) was going to be.

So...why not kitbash up one for Exalted? Ya. Let's do that. Got your d10 ready? (Funny fact, Cyberpunk 2020 used d10's too!)

Please note, if a roll says 'suggest pick up X merit' it is a guideline. The best way to roll up on this table is before you spend any merit/background points. This is to give you ideas on how to spend those points during character gen. If you roll up a rival/enemy/love interest talk it over with your Storyteller so they can think up backgrounds and names with you to those people as well.


Ethnic Origin (Optional, You game may have a desired location/race)

  1. Realm
  2. Northern (Gethamane, Haslanti Leage, Whitewall)
  3. Southern (An-Teng, The Lap, Paragon, Chiaroscuro, Kringhast)
  4. Western (Coral, Wavecrest, Wu Jian)
  5. Eastern (Halta, 100 Kingdoms, Confederation of Rivers)
  6. Southeast (1-5 Dreaming Sea, 6-10 Inland cities)
  7. Southwest (1-5 Cinder Isles, 6-10 The Caul)
  8. Beastman (Consider buying Racial Merits, Roll direction: 1-2 North, 3-4, East "Ixacoatli", 5-6 South, 7-8 West, 9-10 Wyld)
  9. Barbarian (Roll direction: 1-2 North, 3-4, East, 5-6 South, 7-8 West, 9-10 Nomadic/Flying Island)
  10. Shadowland (Roll direction: 1-2 North, 3-4, East "Sijan", 5-6 South, 7-8 West "Skull Stone", 9-10 Unique "Thorns")

Family Ranking/Background (Consider buying Merits like social influence, resources, servants as needed IF you retained them post Exaltation.)

  1. Slave
  2. Farmer
  3. Merchant
  4. Military
  5. Criminal
  6. Servant (Household/Social)
  7. Administrative/Minor Noble(Realm bureaucrat, mayor, guild factor)
  8. Noble (Realm or Threshold)
  9. God Descendant (Yu-Shan, Local Court ties)
  10. Unknown (Family lost, raised in monastery, etc.)

Family Size

  1. Single Child (No close relations)
  2. Small Family (1-2 siblings)
  3. Large Family (3-6 siblings)
  4. Giant Family (10 or more siblings)
  5. Small Extended Household (Cousins and siblings in same household)
  6. Large Extended Household (Aunts/Uncles and cousins, siblings in same household, or at least 2 generations)
  7. Giant Extended Household (Grandparents, Aunt/Uncles and cousins, many siblings in same household, at least 3 generations)
  8. Small Village (Many siblings, extended family, and cousins all living in close proximity.)
  9. Large Village (Many siblings, extended family, many generations, all your cousins, and other families related to yours living in close proximity.)
  10. A family member in every city. (You just have one of those really huge, slightly inbred, but widely spread families. Consider buying merit to reflect this Influence.)

Family Status

1-6 Both Parents are alive and well.
7-10 Roll on Family Drama Table

Family Drama

  1. Betrayed by Old Friend
  2. Lost everything through (1-5 Bad Fortune, 6-10 Mismanagement)
  3. In debt to (1-4 Guild, 5-8 Criminals, 9-10 God)
  4. Murdered (1-4 Father, 5-8 Mother, 9-10 Both)
  5. Fell into Cult (1-3 Yozi, 4-6 Forbidden God, 7-10 Dead/Deathlord)
  6. Under thrall of Fair Folk
  7. Hunted by Immaculate Monks for (1-5 Hersey, 6-10 Unknown)
  8. Blighted by Wyld taint
  9. Upset by recent Exaltation (1-5 Sibling, 6-8 Cousin/Aunt or Uncle, 7-10 Parent)
  10. Suddenly disappeared!

Childhood Events

  1. Uneventful
  2. Studied Abroad (Foreign Language , Social, and Lore skills possible)
  3. Nearly killed by (1-2 Bandits, 3-4 Undead, 5-6 Fair Folk, 7-8 Demon, 9 Exalt, 10 God)
  4. Long childhood illness that had you bedridden for many years
  5. Immaculate Studies (Marital Arts, Lore, and Socialize skills)
  6. Occult Apprenticeship (Occult, Lore, and Language Skills)
  7. Military Academy (Weapon, War, and Language Skills)
  8. Lost in Wilderness for Many Years (Survival, Animal Handling, Archery skills)
  9. Runaway (Survival, Larceny, and other street skills)
  10. Favorite of (1-2 God, 3-4 Exalt, 5-6 Fair Folk, 7-8 Ghosts, 9-10 Demon/with possible merits and skills from this prolonged encounter.)

Adult Career (Very optional, just to give ideas for ability focus)

  1. Slave/Servant
  2. Unemployed/Homeless
  3. Criminal
  4. Merchant
  5. Military
  6. Savant
  7. Local Leader
  8. Monk/Priest/Cultist
  9. Rich Layabout
  10. Hunter/Explorer/Scavenger Lord

Exaltation Trigger (Suggestions only, but might direct what Exaltation or Merits you buy.)

  1. Attempted Murder by (1 Friend, 2 Criminals, 3 Demon, 4 Undead, 5 Fair Folks, 6 Dynast, 7 Rival, 8, Exalt, 9 God, 10 Unknown)
  2. Saved a village from attack
  3. Discovered important Lost Lore
  4. Faced down an angry (1-2 Exalt, 3-4 God, 5-6 Demon, 7-8 Ghost, 9-10 Fair Folk)
  5. Drawn into conflict with Realm over (1-2 Slaves, 3-4 Local sovereignty, 5-6 Local worship, 7-8 Lost artifacts, 9-10 Military attacks)
  6. Faced with otherworldly horror (1-3 Yozi, 4-6 Neverborn, 7-9 Unshaped, 10 Beyond Fate)
  7. Crisis of Faith
  8. Journey into depths of (1-3 Wyld, 4-6 Underworld, 7-9 1st Age Ruins, 10 Yu-Shan!)
  9. Discovery of a Cause
  10. True Love

Exalted As (If you really need this, but might be fun to direct Charm choices)

  1. Dawn Warrior
  2. Dawn Strategist
  3. Zenith Priest
  4. Zenith Monster Hunter
  5. Twilight Sorcerer
  6. Twilight Teacher
  7. Night Assassin
  8. Night Spymaster
  9. Eclipse Diplomat
  10. Eclipse Explorer

Exaltation Fallout (Guidelines to skill/merit pickups)

  1. Hunted by Immaculates (Reputation/Stealth Charms)
  2. Worshiped by local village (Cult or Followers)
  3. Mentored by Sidereal (Martial Arts Charms)
  4. Supported by Deathlord (Artifacts)
  5. Offered alliance by local God (Social Influence)
  6. Drawn by dreams to Lost Manse (Manse)
  7. Bonded to local beast (Familiar/Charms)
  8. Stumbled upon Lunar mate (Ally)
  9. Awakened a deeper understanding of universe (Sorcery)
  10. A secret to everyone (Maintain mortal cover, merits to reflect this.)

As always. These are just suggestions on how to get started. You can roll up a random Exalt and tweek it as you like. I'll update this when the corebook for 3E drops and I have more specific things to add or remove. Have fun!