Monday, November 17, 2014

Exalted Storypath Dice!

Welcome to my next big random generator table. This one builds on the idea of the "What is wrong with this Village" and ties back to my original "Filling out the Map" blog post. I present to you Exalted Storypath Dice! It uses a d100 roll to generate story tags for either locations on a map, or events in the series the Storyteller is running for you.

This is how it works: 

If you are mapping out locations in Creation do it with roughly 50 mile hexes. Then as you work your players into random hexes roll the following (or choose).

1-3- Minor Location -1 roll on table
4-6- Important Location - 2 rolls on table
7-9- Critical Location- 3 rolls on table
10- Major Event - 4 rolls on table

Try to keep the 10's rare. If your explorers have already had one in 3 previous rolls, ignore it.

If you are mapping out a location yourself then feel free to use these table rolls as plot guides. You can set your own number of rolls based on locations.

Alternatively you can if you are running a more plot-centric game can instead focus on narrative chapters and milestones. Each event can get a numbers of rolls based on how important that scene is. Use the above table if you want it to be random. But once you have the number of rolls you then roll on the table below. 

Which ever of the above ways you roll up the story tags on the Exalted Storypath you use the results to flavor up the location or event your players have stumbled upon. Use the number of rolls and then roll below using a d100, ignoring duplicates.

1-Local Murder
26-100 God Heresy
51-Unbound Demon
76-Newly Exalted Solar
27-Local God
52-Bound Demon
77-Solar Survivor
3-Peasant Rebellion
53-Infernal Exalted
78-Solar Followers
4-Missing Person(s)
29-Celestial God Visitation
54-Yozi Dreams
30-Seasonal Court Politics
55-Raksha Commoner(s)
6- Kidnapping
31-Yu-Shan Politics
56-Raksha Noble(s)
81-Jadeborn Servant
7- Feuding Families
32-Godly Debauchery
57-Faerie Host/Hunt
82-Wild Demesne
33-Sacrifice Ritual
58-Fair Folk Celebration
83-Broken Manse
34-Desecrated Shrine
59-Fair Folk Slave/Follower
84-Unclaimed Manse
10-Local Festival
35-Exalted Cult
60-Guild Caravan
85-1st Age Ruin
11-Fugitives Running
36-Forbidden God
61-Slaver Caravan
86-1st Age Tomb
12-Legion Scouts
37-Ancestor Cult
87-Wyld Zone
13-Realm Magistrate
38-Hungry Dead
63-Scavenger Lord
88-1st Age Temple
14-All Seeing Eye
39-Intelligent Undead
64-Tomb Robbers
89-Wyld Freehold
15-Realm Diplomat
40-Ghostly Request
65-Lunar Spy
90-1st Age Forge
66-Lunar Warband
91-UnExalted Sorcerer
17-Full Legion Marching
42-Abyssal Runaway
67-Lunar Shaman
92-Marital Art Dojo
18-Wyld Hunt Spy
43-Abyssal Knight
68-Lunar Follower
19-Wyld Hunt
44-Deathlord Army
69-Sidereal Spy
94-Lost Artifact
20-Immaculate Monk(s)
70-Sidereal Sifu and Students
95-Getimian Exalted
21-Dragonblooded Circle
46-Deathlord Visitation
71-Ronin Sidereal
96-Liminal Exalted
22-Outcast Dragonblooded
47-Hekatonkhire Incursion
72-Sidereal  Fate Troubleshooter(s)
97-Dark Ritual
23- Immaculate Missionaries
48-Creature of Darkness/Outside Fate
24-Lost Egg
49-Neverborn Dreams
74-Black Market Exigent
99-Incarna Visitation
25-Retired Dragonblood
50-Demon Cult
75-Unknown Exalted (Alchemical/Other?)
Remember. These are suggestions. You can tie the elements together, ignore ones that don't fit, or just play them down as background elements. This is just ideas to help you build a plot, scene, or location.

For Example if I was mapping a hex  out of my self created Hundred Kingdom:
(Important Location -2 rolls) - 43: Death Knight, 32: Godly Debauchery - That gives me an idea of local gods angering the local dead and a Death Knight has come up to Creation to investigate and punish the gods for their behavior. The players can support the gods or knight, and their choices will allow for a new plot thread.

Or I'm running a DragonBlooded game and my group is just about to reach The Lap in an Critical event but there are things going on.
(Critical -3 rolls) 2: Bandits, 96: Getimain Exalted, 74: Black Market Exigent - Oh man. It is Critical. A Black Market Exigent is leading a bandit group in an attack on Realm caravans out of the Lap. And there is a mysterious rival bandit lord (who was thought dead) showing up with using his own unique powers to fight the Exigent. Is it a new Exigent? The DragonBlooded players don't know much about Getimain's.

And there you go! Have fun rolling up random Exalted Events!