Monday, April 6, 2015

New Domain, New Details, and New Focus

Hola folks, I'm not dead! But man I almost felt like it a few months there.

Let's just say I caught the funk and the funk did NOT want to let go. 2+ months of various bugs and viruses is not fun.

Also, I did post a blog updated a while back and deleted it. All I'm going to say about it is: It was a mistake. It was not fair to others and I didn't think it through. But it doesn't exist anymore and if you did see it then please don't mention it. However mistakes are life and I'm moving on. (Honest, it was a small thing, don't think too much of it folks.)

A bit of good news! I have an easier to use domain now! yep. Not a .com or .net sadly. But this time around just point your browsers at this domain for now and you can reach my blogger. Google's new domain service is quite handy. Now this WILL impact previous comments on my blog posts. However the comments still exist out there but only show up if you are on G+, which is what it is. Oh well.

So what's new? Not a lot in some ways, but plenty in others. I'm writing on projects I can't talk about because I'm going to submit them to gaming companies. I am however going to outline some of things this blog will feature down the road.

Exalted 3E Review - When the pdf drops I'll be talking about it.

Exalted 3E Combat Tips and Tricks - My take on a Combat 301 course for new Storytellers and Players. Stuff to make it run faster.

Exalted 3E Social Combat tricks - How to use the new social influence system and how to stage your NPCs and settings as a Storyteller

And a whole bunch of Exalted 3E Stuff...soon. But not until the PDF drops okay? I'm also going to do a massive random generation table update and try to get in touch with Urs Reupke to do a massive 3E update for the Exalted Random app. Sound cool? Ya, thought so!

But there will be updates to other systems as well. I've been focusing on Exalted a lot and well I feel a few other games need some serious loving. Numenera/The Strange, Dungeon World, 13th Age, and some of the bigger titles like D&D will get features. I'm also going to do a full court press for the upcoming Trinity lines and the Sardonyx system. I use to love playing Aeon/Aberrant/Adventure! and wish to support Onyx Path in this venture.

That said, I have other projects in the background, lots of writing to do and well, a daughter and life to deal with. So expect some weird delays. So follow the site and G+ for updates. I'll also try to post updates to Facebook down the line.

I hope later today/this week to have my first update in this new era.

Oh, as for the new Focus? The focus is going to be on just enjoying the games. Helping out new players and GMs and making sure folks understand this is a hobby to love and share with others. So I want to be a facilitator, not a critic.

Until then!