Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Core Of An Idea (Radiant Soul Garden)

Welcome back labyrinth lovers.

So my Numenera game is kinda in a slow down as half of my online group bailed on me. Mind you I was sick again and my daughters birthday party threw me off. But I'll see if I can wrangle up some new players and keep it going. Numenera is a fun game and it has a lot of anti-whiff factor plugged into spending of effort and I like that. That said, it can turn deadly REALLY fast with a few bad rolls. So keep that in mind new GMs. Looking forward to the Cypher Generic System later on this year. 

In other news I'm tinkering with FATE Core. I know I don't normally like meta-narrative games like FATE but I think I can make this work. Because the game I want to run only works on a meta-narrative level and frankly this is one of those weird times I think I found a system that fits it damn perfectly.

I've mentioned this before...I think but let me introduce you to the concept of RADIANT SOUL GARDEN!

Radiant Soul Garden is a mash up of shoujo, tokusatsu, and monster tamer genres in a game about spiritual beasts that come over from another universe into our own and choose living hosts to act as their vessels so they can experience this world and manipulate it (or save it) because their home plain is a harsh and dictatorial place. There is more to the backstory but that's it in a nut shell. Player characters have a spirit companion that grants them powers. I wanted to use the FATE fractal to build for them 4 unique power 'styles' to represent the 4 manifestations of the companions. Let me give you an example:

Physical Transformation/Magical Powers - As per FATE Core Extra Powers rules. Physical uses Super Extras, Magical powers use skill extra/stunts.

Summon Item - Gain 1 Aspect Power, and the rest as per FATE CORE Extra. If item is successfully attacked it is banished and a Fate Point or One level of Mental stress must be spent to re-summon in the same scene.

Summoned Beast - 3 Aspects Powers and 1 Stunt. All damage to Spirit Beast translates directly to summoner's mental stress.

Maxed stress causes beast to be dismissed and related consequence on summoner.All bonded individuals have the following story aspects: Bound Spirit Companion. (This allows them to 'see' the spirits of other wielders. Makes them open to ritual magic attacks from others that are aware of the companion. And the aspect Bond Markings that happen when using spirit companions powers. This allows even unbound to deduce possible weaknesses of the spirit.

The spirits are a unique set of 2 aspects and 1 weakness (negative aspect). 

For example:

Banished Warrior the Iron Cricket Legion
Honor stronger than steal! 
Never backs down from a challenge. 

The spirit and the host need to work together and sometimes their aspects run into conflict. Imagine a cowardly kid getting such a spirit who constantly tries to urge him/her into fights. And the mental stress that mounts when the kid accepts a loss from being provoked indicating the headache and disharmony from the spirit and host as they fight over actions. Be a great way to get fate points.

Now, I'm obviously going to have to get out my notebooks and sit down hashing the costs and way the fractal plays out in this...and frankly I know there are others out there more versed in FATE Core than I. But it's a beginning.