Monday, February 1, 2016

And then you hit the wall.

So all those writing projects? Nope.

Exalted 3E review? Waiting on the final pdf before I feel up to talking about it. I like what they tired but ultimately felt let down by the experience. In many ways I can liken it to my malaise with Pathfinder from D&D 3E. They tried, but they didn't try hard enough. *shrugs* More when I feel like expanding on that.

What happened? Depression and a total burn out as a GM. Basically the holidays killed me, coming off them left me a wreck with no idea what to do with myself.

So what will and will not do? I dunno. I'm going to veer away from big plans unless I have something cooking at that moment. I over promised because I got excited about new systems and frankly I don't have anything current going with them. Fantasy Age is awesome. I have a killer idea for a unique Cypher System game, but I have to find players and a time to play.

The only active game I have is a fun D&D 5E game using the Prince of the Apocalypse adventure. Beyond that I've been reading and picking through various games.

I came whisper close to total GM burn out there.

I want to say I'm sorry for being unable to expand on some of my prior ideas, but the desire just isn't there. I've hit this weird wall looking over the games I use to play vs the games I currently do and I'm not happy. It's not a matter of free time, it's actual quality of material and desire to use it.

However it's not the fault of the current gen of games. They are feeding a need in the market. But I find myself more and more on the end of the market who likes the style and feel of classic games and a small handful of newer material emulates that classic style but innovates.

I've honestly been thinking about getting AD&D 2E pdfs and house ruling my own game. That said, I'm in a funk over what I should run.

I have few projects I want to expand on and will some time later. But I think it's time for this blog to end and for my projects to evolve. Expect a new format or venue for my games. Just don't know when/where yet.

Until then. Caio! I'll see you then.